Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interesting Article

 While procrastinating on working on my novel I was doing some research on writing. I happened upon Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes by Stephen King

What a wonderful gem to happen upon. He couldn't be more right about not picking up a reference book or in my case heading to Google while working on a draft. Just write. Remove distractions so that you can continue with the flow of what you are working on. How many times I have been sidetracked by checking one quick fact before I moved on with my story only to either a) never get back to my writing that day or b) forget where I was going with something.

As with most gems I find valuable in life most of these points are merely common sense. It is always nice to have a reminder no matter where you are at with your writing career. I love it when something catches my attention and makes me think.

What do you think about Stephen King's article? I know it is old, do you think it still applies today. I wonder if he wrote that article today how it would differ with the internet, social networking and self publishing.

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