Saturday, July 23, 2011

Question For Writers

I am currently working on a novel that I hope to have published. I have been doing a great deal of research on how to go about getting published vs. self publishing. Interesting choices but they are for further down the road. I need to finish my book before I need to worry about which way to proceed.

All writers have their own way of doing things and I am working on finding the best way for me. I have written the outline, know the story I wish to tell, completed a few of the initial chapters and then decided I needed to stop. In order for my characters to become real and something that my readers can relate to, I need to know them inside and out. My hope is that the writing becomes easier when your characters have been so well developed their reaction to any given situation is clear.

I know that the majority of  the character development will never be used other than for my reference, a guide to keep them true to their character. I think that all of this hard work will pay off.

For those of you who write: how is it you develop your characters? Do you spend much time on character development outside of the actual story you are telling? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts, suggestions and how you approach your writing.

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