Saturday, August 6, 2011

Answers ... Finally

I have been on holiday for the past two weeks. Sadly they were two very difficult weeks with regards to my health. The up side was not having to deal with work on top of the incredible pain I have been in.

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon to say that some of my blood work has come back and my levels are extremely high indicating sever disease and that Dr.M needs to see me ASAP. However, she is on holidays next week so they are squeezing me in on Monday August 15th (her first day back to work). The receptionist who called me was able to tell me that the blood work indicated either Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis but that she wasn't sure which. The Dr. would explain everything to me when I see her on the 15th. So it looks like we finally have some answers as to what is at the bottom of my health issues and found a number of not so nice issues on the way. I am still shaking my head at the fact that since I have been unwell we have diagnosed: Hashitoxcosis (auto-immune thyroid disease), TMJ with a cyst on my brain at the jaw (still need to see my dentist about), 2 lesions on my brain in the white matter (no idea of the cause and they are not too worried at this point but recommend follow up with MRI's annually), Adrenal glad failure, nodules on my lung along with a thickening of the plural of my lung, oh ya, Menopause has begun and Fibromyalgia and believe it or not all of these are side issues!!! The biggest issue will be revealed when I see the Dr. on August 15th and it is either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. How on earth did all of these happen to me ALL AT THE SAME TIME???

The year before I got sick was honestly the healthiest year of my life. I had lost 32lbs taking me from Obese to a healthy BMI, was walking 5-10km a day and swimming laps (1km daily) in the summer and was beginning a strength training program. I was drinking 8 cups of water each day and eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day, I was sticking within my ranges for calories, fats, carbs. I have always struggled with consistently meeting my protein. I was also eating a high fiber diet between 35-45g of fiber daily. Still I had come a long way from where I was. That makes the past 8 months even more unreal and puzzling. I just wish I understood why this is happening all at the same time??

We spent my two weeks holidays doing family outings in the mornings and home and off my feet by the afternoons. I over did it which is perhaps why I was in such bad shape as far as pain is concerned. I ate poorly skipping meals. The new medication is playing havoc with my appetite and to top it all off, I crave is unhealthy foods either salty or sweet.

Back to reality now and work on Monday. I need to get back to tracking my foods and eating healthier and eating 3 meals a day. Waiting till the 15th feels like a lifetime away, that might just drive me around the bend knowing she has answers and I don't! Hopefully with answers comes treatment which will bring some relief to all of this pain.

At least the sleep medication is working but still feeling too dopey in the mornings. Going to try cutting the dose in half tonight and see if that works. Now if only it did something for the pain that it is supposed to treat! I am feeling rather down today, sick and tired of being sick and tired. I need to do something to get myself back on track and finding enjoyment in life again. I am very blessed to have such a supportive husband and children. They truly have been amazing in every sense of the word.

I had the kids at the zoo the other day for a couple of hours. They took turns with the backpack, checked in to see if I needed to sit down or have a drink. When I was clearly fatigued they asked if they could go home. I stared in disbelief and they said Mom you have had enough, your walking slower and we can tell you are in more pain than when we got here. We can come back another day. Thank you for taking us we had fun and we can go home and play and let you rest. Truly amazing kids for 8 and 9! So thoughtful, caring and they make me so very proud.

© 2011 Rhonda

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