Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You know what the say about best laid plans...

When I first became unwell all I wanted was a diagnosis. I was convinced that once we had a diagnosis I would start treatment and have my life back! It was a simple enough plan so I should have known that it would not go accordingly.

I am now receiving treatment for my Hashimoto's (auto-immune hypothyroid), Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The medications make me sick. The chemo and antimalarial medications for the RA are the most vial medications going. The methotrexate  (chemo drug) leaves me bedridden for at least 2 days after I have taken it and another 2 days for me to feel okay. This is on top of always being tired, in pain and various joints swollen and not working. Also, can't forget the brain fog which seems to be worse with these medications. So three days with the usual complaints and then we get to start the madness all over again.

I am more than my illness but my illness takes so much out of me it feels like there is little else left. I am sick and tired of sick and tired.

I saw an OT yesterday from the Arthritis Society. I need custom bilateral resting hand splints to sleep in at night. To prevent my hands from balling into fists, making them so stiff that it can be hours before I can straighten them in the morning. The wrist splints to wear during the day to support my wrists when they are sore or I am working on the computer. I need to see my Dr. to get prescriptions for these so that insurance will cover the cost. I have been given hand and shoulder exercises to help keep my range of motion in my joints. I get frustrated because I cannot get my fingers into the proper positions for many of the exercises. The OT is hopeful that with time I will regain that ability. Right now it is just frustrating.

It is wonderful to use this blog to express what I am feeling and going through. It helps immensely to be able to get it out. It will also be able to hopefully to show my progress as I come to terms with my diagnosis' and treatment begins to work. Holding out for better days and if you happen to find my sense of humour and positive attitude running amok please send them back to me, they are dearly missed!

© 2011 Rhonda

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  1. Hi again :D

    I started searching for answers to what Hashimoto's disease is, and I came across your blog. At first I was like "oh my.. there's someone else who has the exact same diagnosis as R has".. I was getting ready to send you an email telling you about this blog, .. then I started reading it, and clued in :S I'm getting slower in my old(er) age lol but I do clue in eventually with things

    as you must have figured out now, I'm not ontariowalker over here.. I'm crazy acres Rose lol That's what we call our little piece of heaven here -- Crazy Acres -- a spin on Green Acres, except we're a tad crazy but we like it lol

    so I'm following you here now, and will see updates when you post them :D

    take care, my friend {HUGS}

    I'm off to go read the rest of your blog posts..

    ttfn ;)