Friday, August 19, 2011


 I live for summers. Ever since I was a kid it has been my favourite season. I love the heat and the outdoor freedom that summer brings. Winters are cold here in Ontario and I have never tolerated the cold well. I have often wished that I lived in a much warmer climate that did not have 4 distinct seasons. At the same time I could never imagine leaving Ontario. The Spring sees me come to life and Summer is where my heart is. Fall is a reminder that Winter is around the corner and the cold temperatures, blustery winds and snow quickly follow.

I had hoped this year with being unwell that the warmth and sunshine would help me to feel better. It turns out that I cannot tolerate the heat and spend most of my time indoors with the central air. The heat leaves my legs feeling like I am walking in mud up to my thighs each step slow, deliberate and painful. I feel nauseated and often dizzy with the high temperatures we saw in July where with the humidex it was feeling 110 F. We don't normally see temperatures that hot! August has been more seasonal with temperatures and humidex feeling more like the low to mid 90's F.

My favourite time of year is here and I am unable to enjoy it. It makes me sad. Today the CNE opens which is our signal that summer is almost at a close and kids are back to school in just a few short weeks. Where did the summer go?? I have yet to enjoy it. Perhaps the fall with cooler temperatures will allow me to spend time in the great outdoors without making my symptoms worse. I am looking forward to the cooler days and nights.

Which is your favourite season and why?

© 2011 Rhonda

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