Monday, August 22, 2011

A Reprieve

 I have been dreading today since Saturday. As if anyone needed another reason to dislike Monday's its being time to take your next Methotrexate (chemo drug) dose that will do it. It leaves me so dizzy, nauseated and tired for days which is saying something because I have suffered with chronic fatigue since January and this mediction makes it that much worse for 2-3 days after I take my dose. YUCK!! I woke yesterday with a sore throat and this morning with a wicked cough. Saw my family Dr. this afternoon who said that I had a very bad chest infection so Methotrexate today! Antibiotics to clear this up before I end up in hospital with pneumonia. I am to take antibiotics for at least 3 days before I take the now I dislike Wednesdays...ugh. Unless of course the antibiotics don't do the trick and I am still sick come Wednesday! Time will tell.

© 2011 Rhonda

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